15 augustus '25 | Geboekt voor Lisanne & Quinten

We want awesome wedding photos

“Now that we’re looking for a professional wedding photographer, we’ve decided we want several key parts of the day well documented.”

Help…we need urgent a great wedding photographer

We’re getting married and everything is set, but now we’re freaking out. We definitely need a wedding photographer. A friend or family member was supposed to take the photos, but they’re either too scared or suddenly unavailable.

What to do?

No worries. Just read further to determine if I am the solution for you to cover your wedding photos for the day. Your special day which may not be ruined by suddenly not having a wedding photographer.


How we can make it work?

We can start with a fun photoshoot. When you see each other at the ceremony, we can do it in 20-30 minutes during the reception at the venue. There’s always a cool spot for a shoot with my photography style.

Of course, the ceremony is a crucial part of the day. It’s all about the Yes! After the ceremony, it’s time to cut the wedding cake and toast to your new marriage.
Cheers… then a group photo and some family shots, and we’ve got the essentials covered. This is what we can do on short notice. And if we discuss it, there might be a way to cover more of the day, but at least we’ll have the core moments captured.

Workflow with your need for a wedding photographer

Beforehand, we’ll have a quick video call to meet and chat. After that, you’ll send me the necessary address details and the schedule, and then we’ll see each other soon.


Wedding photographer Thomas and his approach

A little bit about me: Thomas… married… I know what it’s like to stand at the altar. I near Utrecht and know the city like the back of my hand. I love light, cupcakes, fries, and cats.

With 15 years of experience as a wedding photographer, I’m approaching my 500th wedding in 2025. In other words, you’re getting a ton of experience, insight, support, and inspiration for your wedding. I love sharing that experience because it makes your wedding photos even better.

Last words from Thomas

“After the wedding, you’ll get the photos digitally within 4 weeks via a download link, and the Monday after the wedding, I’ll send you a preview via WhatsApp. Don’t worry….I will have this covered.”

Sample wedding photos

Check out some sample wedding photos from weddings I’ve photographed to see how your photos will look. Key style elements: a sense of authenticity in the photos, beautiful colors, not overly edited, but mostly showing how much fun you had. And not just you, but your family and friends too.

Rates & Availability if you need a wedding phootographer

The investment is including tax and transportation

We-Need-a-Wedding-Photographer package

Fixed fee €675, including:

  • 15-20 minute video call
  • ±100 edited photos delivered
  • 3 hours of coverage (continuous)
  • Longer possible if available

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Side notes

A last-minute booking can be made up to 4 weeks before your wedding day.
Dutch: uiteraard ook te boeken voor Nederlands sprekende bruidsparen in geval van nood.

Schedule (click to see)

If you see a date with two names then the day is already booked. When you see nothing there is a change that I am available. Outside Utrecht is also possible..just contact me to discuss the possibilities.